Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital is a full-service pet care facility located in San Francisco's West Portal community. Our doctors practice holistic modalities integrated with a complete range of medical, surgical, and dental services.


Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital is open six days a week. Our location on West Portal Avenue is easily accessible by public transportation or by car. Call us today and our friendly staff will match you and your pet with a veterinarian based on your pet’s specific needs and your healthcare wishes.


Healthy Pets provides a unique exam room experience for you and your pet. Pets are encouraged to get cozy on handcrafted beds and cuddle up with a fluffy blanket. Cats are usually seen in our “penthouse” suite with a great window view of the hospital. The walls are adorned with warm pet-centric artwork so that our patients feel at home.


One size does not fit all. At Healthy Pets, our doctors' specialties vary greatly. Healthy Pets' clients may choose a strict holistic care plan while others go the traditional route. Some clients find that a combination of the two works best for them. As a Healthy Pets' client, our doctors will get to know you and your pet to establish a healthcare plan that best fits you both.