Healthy Pets offers clients and their pets access to advanced veterinary technology, as well as options incorporating practices in natural medicine. Our doctors and support staff are dedicated to serving each client individually and are experienced in giving pet owners choices in pet health care no matter where life takes them.


All relationships begin by getting to know one another. Our Healthy Pets doctors recommend a consultative session that includes a basic exam and a conversation about habits, history, diet and exercise. Immediate concerns or questions will be addressed, followed by consultation on pet health care planning.

Travel Planning

Flying soon? Airline policies vary but all require a health certificate. Our staff will get you what you need to get you and your pet on your way. Please visit this handy list of various airline policies and complete the form for each pet that is traveling.


We can also prescribe traditional or holistic remedies if your pet is prone to motion or travel illness.

Work-Life-Home Balance

Behavioral problems in pets often arise when members of the family are stressed. A new job or longer hours at work, the introduction of another pet into the home, or expanding your human family are all stressors. Our doctors can advise on what various pet behaviors mean and what you can do to bring your home-life back to a healthy and happy one for the whole family.

Nutrition & Diet Plans

Each pet is unique in how he or she processes and absorbs food. Dry skin, excessive chewing, panting, bad breath, and serious diseases could result from a bad diet. In making a change, your options are many. Our doctors are experts in helping you learn what works best for you, your family, and your pet.

On-Site Pharmacy

Our clients save time with access to our in-house pharmacy. Common prescriptions, supplements, Chinese herbs, and flea/tick treatments are available whether you're in for an appointment or just stopping by for a refill.

Annual Exams

How long has it been since your pet's last exam? Seeing a veterinarian once a year is strongly advised but time flies. We know many pet owners let years pass before they make it to the vet, but it is very important to prevent health issues with annual check ups. We send all of our clients annual reminders...even when their pet is hoping they'll forget!

Our Practices Include:

        Annual Exams

        Surgical Consultation and               Procedure 


        On-Site Radiology (X-Rays)

        Vaccines and Titers

        Chinese Herbology

        Flea and Tick Control

        Pain Management

        Laser Treatment


Senior Pet Care

Options for caring for aging pets vary from simple maintenance of comfort and quality of life to trying alternative practices that have proven effective with other senior pets. Healthy Pets’ doctors will consult on pet care choices that combine nutrition, exercise, and arthritis management with the option of using chiropractic, herbal, and acupuncture treatments.