Sandi with Buttons.

Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital is pleased to announce that Sandi Kaplan, PCH, CCH has joined our team!


Sandi is providing homeopathy services to our patients. She hails from New York City and has lived in the Bay Area since 1984. She attended Pacific Academy of Homeopathy and the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathy.  Sandi studied under several master homeopaths over the years and earned her advanced degree as Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy (PCH) as an adjunct to her Certificate in Classical Homeopathy (CCH).  She has been in practice since 2003 and treats pets and people.


Homeopathy is a holistic system of healthcare that treats the whole pet, rather than just a set of symptoms.  It does this by using trace amounts of a natural substance - a remedy- to stimulate the body to heal itself.


Homeopathy may be a good option for such ailments as skin conditions, allergies, anxiety, gastro- intestinal, insect bites, and more. 


Initial appointments are typically 60 minutes and take place onsite at Healthy Pets. The appointment entails a comprehensive interview with the client to discuss the physical, psychological, and emotional characteristics and symptoms of his/her pet.  Sandi then finds a remedy that will stimulate the pet’s ability to heal itself.

All pets must be seen by one of our veterinarians to ensure they are a good candidate for an initial homeopath appointment.   


Please give us a call if you’d like to explore homeopathy as a treatment for your pet.