About Us

Front Office Personnel


Andrew is a California native who has made San Francisco home since 2004.  After moving to the Bay Area, he completed a program with the National Holistic Institute where he became a Certified Massage Therapist and learned about integrative approaches for health care such as body work and acupressure.  He has worked in veterinary medicine since 2009 in various roles including veterinary assistant, client services, as well as many leadership roles.  His love for animals and a desire to work with a diverse and caring team of individuals made Healthy Pets the perfect place to call his home away from home.  Here at Healthy Pets he oversees all management, human resources, and operations for the hospital.


Andrew’s pet family includes Ziggy Stardust, a loving senior Terrier mix, as well as Albear, a young exuberant Husky/Shepard mix.  The boys love their walks through Golden Gate park just as much as cuddling up in a sunny spot and relaxing at home.  Outside of work Andrew enjoys a healthy obsession with competitive softball traveling across the US for tournaments throughout the year. 


Lisa is a San Francisco native who grew-up with pets and attributes them to making her the person she is today. In addition to working at Healthy Pets, Lisa’s does pet massage therapy. Lisa’s pet family is comprised of many, spunky senior Chihuahua mixes. When she isn’t working or tending to her Chihuahua brood, she likes to read classical literature and social commentaries. As well as plan Disneyland trips. 


Annamaria is a San Francisco native who loves puns, pets, and silly jokes. She also loves to read, cook and knit.  She joined Healthy Pets because she’s always genuinely happy to see animals.  She is self-proclaimed cat lady who has two cats, Miss Spooky and Feist. Miss Spooky is the first cat she ever adopted and Feist is too smart for his own good and occupies his time with batting things off tables and trying to remove light-switches and thumb tacks from the walls. Annamaria describes herself as genuine, self-motivated, caring.


Alexis was born and raised in San Francisco. She grew up with a fear of dogs and cats and now she loves them with all her heart! She never thought she would have seen herself working at a place, doing what she loves and have such a passion for - helping animals! She has been in the veterinary field for almost 2 years and is excited to continue the journey.

She joined Healthy Pets to gain more experience in the veterinary field and to be able to help the dog and cat loving community. She grew up taking care of her family dogs and puppies so why not use that personal experience for good!

She is a self-motivating, loving, and passionate person when it comes to animals. Being able to watch how doctors, VAs, and technicians work to care for pets brings her such joy because they are doing everything they can for the pets’ well-being.

She have 4 dogs, all of which own a key to her heart! They are sweet, loving, AND wild pups. Didi, a Lhasa Apso, the queen of the pack, loves to cuddle and sleep! Sandee, a Shih Tzu/Maltese, the diva, believes she’s a cat. Baz, a mix Terrier, the attention seeker, you’ll probably find him under someone’s chin or on top of a shoulder. Last but not least, Bella, a Siberian Husky, the baby, will have you scratch her chest and will not let you leave until she is satisfied. 

If she is not at work or taking care of her furbabies, she is at the gym or being a foodie! She loves exercising and staying active. She believes working on yourself, gets your mind right. Other than that, you can find her trying to expand her taste buds to different types of foods!

Veterinary Assistants

Olivia is a big-time animal lover and is currently studying Biology at San Francisco State University. She aspires to be a voice for animals and help those in need. She joined our team to gain more experience in the real-life veterinary world and get a head start on her desire to be a Veterinarian. She’s also a people person and very much enjoys interacting with clients. Olivia has two dogs that are her everything! She likes taking them on long walks when she’s not studying or working.

Fluent in: Cantonese


Rena is a city girl who loves animals. She has worked in the veterinary field for 15 years and she's excited to work with dogs again. She's happy to be working with a small, family oriented team and looking forward to  expanding her veterinary knowledge into the realm of integrative veterinary medicine. She is described as enthusiastic, compassionate, and good-humored! Rena has a 9 year old black DSH female named Chichina and a 12 year old DSH male named Stanley. When she's not hamming it up with the cats she enjoys baking, reading, and eating all the food our city has to offer.

Vivian is a San Francisco native who has recently moved back to the city from school. She loves animals, both learning about them and working with them, with a special interest in animal behavior.  She wants to be a veterinarian and wanted to get more hands-on experience working in a veterinary hospital.  Healthy Pets attracted her because of our close-knit team, our unique services and our passion and care towards the animals and clients.  Vivian has a feisty little Pomeranian named Veggie who is sassy little fluff ball that thinks she is bigger than she actually is. Vivian describes herself as eager to learn, passionate and organized.

Fluent in: Cantonese

Grey dog photo.jpg

Andrea is thrilled to be a part of our team. Prior to working with us, Karen worked in El Salvador where she had a Dachshund named “Churro” and since being in San Francisco she has spent a time working with shelter pets. Karen is our resident small animal whisperer whose gentle nature shows when working with nervous patients. Karen is described as caring and empathetic to all. When Karen isn’t at work, she loves trying new foods (Japanese and Greek foods being her favorite) and spending time with family and friends. As of now, Karen does not have a pet but she would really like a Munchkin kitty to call her own.

Fluent in: Spanish


Kai is an aspiring veterinarian who wants to be well-rounded when it comes to animal lives. Joining Healthy Pets will give her the first-hand experience of how our furry friends interact with their humans,  and she thinks it’s definitely the purest form of happiness and joy.  Having a shelter background, she has experienced and learned the needs of domestic animals, exotic animals, and wildlife. Kai has a very sweet 5 y/o English Staffordshire Terrier named Nani whom she had since she was 2 months old. Kai describes herself as outgoing, passionate and a kind-hearted animal lover. 

Fluent in: Tagalog