Diet and Nutrition

The doctors at Healthy Pets believe that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good preventative medicine. We recommend you feed your pet fresh, meat-based pet food which is free of chemical preservatives and by-products. We recommend (and this isn't for everyone) supplementing commercial diets with freshly prepared vegetables as well as fresh meat and dairy. This allows for variety in the diet, which is indispensable for maintaining a healthy body for your pet.

Each pet is unique in how he or she processes and absorbs food. It usually takes a close working relationship with a veterinarian to develop a diet protocol appropriate for a pet’s age, gender, activity level, body condition, and any medical issue that he or she might currently be experiencing.

The ability to read and understand the list of ingredients on a bag of pet food is as important as reading the labels on our own foods. Ask yourself if the ingredients you see are something that you would offer to your family or eat yourself.


For those willing to prepare their pets meals from scratch, we can provide highly nutritious recipes. Natural or raw meat diets are far superior to most commercial diets because they use fresh uncooked meats and bones, lightly steamed or ground vegetables, raw fruit and table scraps. Raw ingredients, especially meats, provide lipids and essential amino acids in their unaltered (uncooked) state, live beneficial bacteria (probiotics), active enzymes, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and easily absorbable minerals. Feeding a natural or raw meat diet even once a week can help maintain healthy bowels by providing digestive enzymes and beneficial bacterial flora; however, raw foods are not for every pet.

We will work with you to find the right diet for your pet, and to help facilitate a safe transition or supplemental program.