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Internships with Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital

We offer year-round internships.  The purpose of our internship program is to familiarize veterinary students with alternative diagnostic and treatment modalities including acupuncture, laser therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and implementing clinical nutrition into treatment plans.  Please send a letter of interest along with your resume to info@sfhealthypets.com if you would like to pursue an internship with us.  *The program is confined to veterinary students; special consideration will be given to those students with a specific interest in holistic medicine. 

Careers with Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital

Healthy Pets occasionally has hiring needs for Front Office Personnel, Veterinary Assistants, Technicians, and Veterinarians. 


Please submit your resume to info@sfhealthypets.com to learn more about current career opportunities with Healthy Pets.