We're only a few of the Healthy Pets staff ready to meet you and your loved one(s)
About Us

Dr. Adam has dedicated his life to ensuring that pets are happy and healthy while providing informative and stellar customer service to clients. Upon working for several years in New York, Maine, and the Bay Area, Dr. Adam developed a vision to open a full-service integrative veterinarian practice in his local community. He was excited to accommodate the diverse pet healthcare needs of the Bay Area and designed Healthy Pets to offer all veterinary medicine modalities to his clients.

Meet Our Doctors

Our medical staff is comprised of four doctors with strong educational experience and practice. Learn a little about our doctors and request them by name if you feel a connection. Otherwise, tell our receptionist what you're looking for and they'll make a recommendation. 

And Our Staff

Our staff was hand-picked to comprise the best team possible that not only matches but complements the talents of our doctors.

Do We Speak Your Language?

Our doctors and team collectively speak several languages to accommodate the Bay Area's diverse community:



​      ​ Spanish

​       Khamir

​       Russian

​       Polish